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【BL series cycloidal pinwheel speed reducer】, Wholesale Various High Quality【 BL series cycloidal pinwheel speed reducer】Products From Changzhou Tongjia 【BL series cycloidal pinwheel speed reducer 】Suppliers and BL series cycloidal pinwheel speed reducer
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BL series cycloidal pinwheel speed reducer
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BL series cycloidal pinwheel speed reducer, Wholesale Various High Quality BL series cycloidal pinwheel speed reducer Products From Changzhou Tongjia BL series cycloidal pinwheel speed reducer Suppliers and BL series cycloidal pinwheel speed reducer Factory.

Product Name:(BL series cycloidal pinwheel speed reducer)
Material:Cast iron 
Features :Smooth and stable run and low noise,the cycloidal pinwheel has more meshed teeth, the overlapping coefficient id big and the machine part is stable, the vibration and noise is limited at the minimum content.
Reliable in operation and long life,because the main parts are made of bearing steel , it got high strength. Meanwhile the transmission contact of part adapts rolling friction, so it is durable and long life.
Because of reasonable in design, convenient in maintenance, easy to disassemble and assemble.
Price :Negotiation
Applications:products are widely used in metallurgy, mining, lifting, chemical, textile, pharmaceutical, food, light industry, and etc.
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□ X factory □ X distributor □X agent □ X final user 
Mini Quantity :1PCS
Supply Ability :2000PCS/month 
Payment Terms :T/T
Marketing Area :Southeast Asia,South America, North America, India, Thailand,middle east area. 
Products Description :
1 transmission ratio. The transmission ratio of the first stage reduction is 1/6 - 1/87. The transmission ratio of the two stage reduction is 1/99 - 1/7569; the transmission ratio of the three stage is 1/5841 - 1/658503. In addition, according to the need, the speed ratio can be adopted to reach the designated size.
2 high transmission efficiency. As the meshing parts of the rolling meshing, the general level of transmission efficiency of 90% - 95%.
3 compact structure, small size, light weight. Volume can be reduced by 2/1 - 2/3 than the ordinary cylindrical gear reducer.
4 fewer faults, long life. The main drive meshing parts are made of bearing steel, so the mechanical properties and wear resistance are good, and because of the rolling friction, the fault is less, and the service life is long.
5 smooth and reliable operation. Due to the transmission process for the multi tooth meshing, so make the operation stable and reliable, low noise.
6 easy to assemble and disassemble, easy to repair.
7 overload capacity, impact resistance, inertia torque is small, suitable for the start of frequent and forward and reverse transfer characteristics.
Technical parameters:

Cycloidal pin gear reducer with big reducer transmission ratio, high transmission efficiency, small volume, light weight, low malfunction, long service life, stable and reliable operation, low noise, easy disassembly, easy maintenance, simple structure, strong overload capacity, impact resistance, small moment of inertia.

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