How should the cycloid reducer reduce the temperature?

 The operating temperature of smooth oil in cycloidal pinwheel reducers should generally not exceed 90 degrees Celsius. If the temperature is too high, the physicochemical properties of the oil will change. For example, reducing the viscosity of the smooth oil reduces the load-bearing capacity of the smooth oil film, which may eventually lead to direct touch of the working tooth surface, and the flank glue.
There are three ways to dissipate the cycloid reducer, which are described as follows:
     Natural cooling
     If the general cabinet can not meet the heat dissipation requirements, the heat dissipation fins can be added outside the box, and the heat dissipation fins should be arranged so that the air can naturally circulate.
     2. Fan cooling
     If the natural cooling of the box is not satisfactory, the fan cooling can be used.
     3. Water cooling
     The oil sump of the cycloid reducer is equipped with a serpentine water pipe. The serpentine water pipe is generally made of copper or brass. The pipe is provided with cooling water, and the cooling water takes away a wind heat of the smooth oil.