What kind of lubrication method is used for the spiral bevel gear reducer?

 Spiral bevel gear reducer in the daily use of the machine due to wear and tear caused by the durability of the wear and tear, so in use to the body of some parts and parts in contact with the location of lubricants, in order to extend the use of the machine life.

Spiral bevel gear reducer lubrication there are many ways, but the specific way of lubrication according to its spiral bevel gear reducer structure characteristics may be specific to the following lubrication:
1. Pressure lubrication method: the use of pressure machinery will be injected into the spiral gear bevel gear reducer need lubrication parts, which is also known as pressure method. This method is widely applicable to large and medium gear reducer.
2. Splash lubrication method: by the gear reducer connected to the rod on the oil splash oil to the need to lubricate the parts, but the lubrication of the movement and the cylinder can only use the same kind of lubricating oil. Used in the small crosshead of the small gear reducer. This method has some shortcomings: bad filter, oil level must be strictly controlled.
3. Spray-type lubricants: from the injection of oil mist with the gas into the cylinder and other parts to be lubricated. This method is suitable for use in ultrahigh pressure gear reducer and screw type gear reducer and vane gear reducer.
4. Drop oil lubrication method: the use of oil pipelines and oil ring lubricants need to lubricate the parts of the parts up, or filling the oil tank with oil on time.
5. Oil ring lubrication method: the use of rotating shaft to drive the active oil ring, the oil ring in the oil tank into the bearing oil, into the need to lubricate the site.